The Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) program gives you life insurance if you left service after April 24, 1951, and have a service-connected disability. If you are a veteran who has a service-connected disability, but are otherwise in good health, you may apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for up to $10,000 in life insurance coverage. You must apply within 2 years after the VA tells you the disability has been rated as service-connected. S-DVI is available in a variety of permanent plans as well as term insurance. Policies are issued for a maximum amount of $10,000. You are not eligible for S-DVI if you were released from active duty under dishonorable conditions.

If you are a veteran who is totally disabled, you may apply for a waiver of premiums, which means you don’t have to pay them. If you are eligible for this waiver, you can also get up to $30,000 in extra coverage, called Supplementary S-DVI. However, if you get Supplementary S-DVI, you will have to pay the premiums for the extra coverage. For more information on service-connected disabilities, read Vets101's articles on VA Disability Compensation, and VA Special Monthly Compensation.